10kW solar systems are getting popular day by day, and there are many reasons behind this popularity. This 10kW solar system has very good demand from large household owners. 10kW is one of the largest solar PV systems that are available to use at residences. As the world is looking towards a green future, it is time to get a solar power system to your home as well. The price of solar appliances is decreasing to make them more affordable to people. Similarly, the 10kW solar system cost is decreasing as well, with increasing popularity and demand. Let us also see what you need to know before allocating your money to buy a 10kW solar system to cater to the power needs of your household.

10kW solar system cost in 2020

A 10kw solar system cost can be quite high for a homeowner. But, if we take it as an investment, it is a good one to make for the long run. On average, the cost of a 10kw solar system is about $32,000 to install a 10KW, and this may vary a bit depending on the installation location. This may also vary with the size of the system as well. After the solar tax credit (26%), this cost may go down to $24,000, which is still a considerable investment. If your area gives additional utility-based or state rebates and credits, this cost can go down further. On average, the payback period for a 10kw solar system price is about 5 to 6 years. The payback period also varies according to the location it is installed and the electricity usage habits of the household.

You can pay in cash in total to save some more money, yet there are many financing options available to support this investment. A HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit), or a private bank or some solar vendors are ready to help you in buying a 10kw solar panel system for your household. Market dynamics in various states across the country can affect varying the 10kW Solar system between 10%-15% by the state.

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Why should you make the investment to get a 10kW Solar system? 

After the payback period of a 10kW Solar system, you will start to save a lot. These 10kW Solar systems have quite a short period of payback time that makes it relatively quick to get the benefits of the investment. You will see the savings on the first electricity bill after installing this stem in your household. In general, a household can save up to nearly $300 per month from the beginning. The amount of sun exposure and consumption can change the saving amounts. Annual average savings is about $400 per kW generally. You can use a solar savings calculator to anticipate your savings, depending on the state you are living in.

A 10kW solar system is also a good investment because it can add value to your property very much. A household with a 10kW solar power system values nearly $15,000-$20,000 more than a house with a typical or traditional electricity supply system. Research confirms this increase in property value with the installation of a solar PV energy system. Let’s say that you sell the house after two years of installation; there will be no loss but more profit with this benefit.

How much energy does a 10kW solar system make? 

In America, a 10kW Solar system produces around 11,000 kWhs per annum to 15,000 kWh per annum. The installed location has an impact on this variation. Solar panel installation agents will do the calculations and estimate the number of solar panels needed according to the location to fulfill the energy need of your house. Past Utility bills of the household can give a clear idea about the energy consumption of a household. There are many estimation tools to help you with the calculation as well.

Requirements to install a 10kW solar system 

Your location, style of your roof, and sun exposure are the main things to consider before getting a 10kW Solar system to your house. Location does not mean only the geographical location; the environment around the house also matters. The sun-blocking trees, neighboring tall buildings and roof dormers can reduce the amount of sunlight barricading the solar panels are receiving.

The roof style and space on the roof also matter a lot. In America, roofs will have southern orientation matches beat to install a solar panel system. As the sun’s travel pattern is from east to west across the southern sky, this orientation can capture most of the sunlight. The 10kW Solar system will best thrive in such an installation. As a fact, it needs 66 square feet of solar panels to produce 1kW of solar energy. According to that, to get 10kW solar energy, the roof space must be 660 square feet or above if other requirements are matched. This is why these 10kW Solar systems match with larger households. But, if your roof is smaller, don’t worry and talk to the solar agent and see the options available.

The Bottom Line 

In the bottom line, despite the high 10kW solar system cost, changing from traditional electricity supply to solar energy is a worthy investment. This benefits your household and also the environment hugely in the long run. The traditional energy sources are continuing to pollute the environment and contributing to global warming as we speak. If you want to give back to the environment, this is the best investment to make. You will have that feeling of satisfaction, once you know that your household is reducing its carbon footprint. This renewable energy source also ensures that it will not run out as long as humans live on this planet. So, make the change; it is the time!

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