Dog House Solar Heater
Dog House Solar Heater

Are you a dog parent? Then you are surely concerned about keeping your dog warm and happy in winter and cold weather conditions. There are many options to keep your dog house warm. Among them, getting a dog house solar heater system is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly option available. So why not go for that? Solar energy applications are evolving day by day to make our day to day life easier and budget-friendly. So the solar inventors have not forgotten the man’s best friend’s comfort. So they have applied their technology to keep them warm and comfortable throughout winter. Basically, if you have a solar dog house heater, then you will keep your puppy relaxed and healthy without spending extra bucks. What is a solar powered dog house heater? And why should you buy it? In this article, we will explain to you.

What is a Dog House Solar Heater System?

Like their human companions, different dog breeds have different capacities to tolerate very hot or cold climate conditions. As a dog parent, you will never allow your pet to freeze outside when the weather is too cold, right? As per the veterinarians, it is not healthy for dogs to stay outside if the temperature drops below 45C degrees. If you have a dog house outside, it is your responsibility to arrange them the necessary facilities to stay warm when needed. That is when you need to get a dog house heater. It will not increase the carbon footprint of your household, yet keep your pooches warm.

A solar heater dog house uses the sun’s infrared radiation to generate the heat needed to keep the kennel warm. There are different types of solar dog house hater mechanisms. Some of them use solar panels, and some dog houses have absorptive floors that can retain solar heat to give warmth. Despite the various mechanisms, all the solar heated dog houses are well insulated.

How does a Dog House Solar Heater work?

You can go for a passive solar enclosure if you need only a little more heat to keep your pooch warm in chilly weather. A passive solar enclosure is a small greenhouse attached to the existing dog house, which retains the heat collected during the day time. That heat will keep the concrete floor warm. At night an insulated cover is used to cover the greenhouse to keep out the cold. You can do this as a DIY project if you are handy with tools. This is a less expensive and simple method. However, this is applicable only if you live under a moderate climate condition as it can add up only a little more heat to keep the dog warm.


If you are using the above method, make sure to keep the greenhouse fully covered throughout the summer in both day and night to avoid overheating the dog house.
If you live in an area with a considerable temperature drop, you need a serious source of heat to keep the pooch warm and happy. It is high time to invest in a solar panel system to heat the dog house. For this project, you will need some skilled assistance. But, there are some tutorial videos as well if you have the skill to DIY. Solar panels are usually installed on the dog house rooftop if it gets nice and warm sunlight or closer to the kennel to align with the sun. Solar panels capture the sun’s heat (infrared radiation), and then heat passes through a typing system filled with water.

To avoid water freezing in winter, you can mix glycol to water. Then the heated water is pumped to a webbing inserted under the thermal mass. In other words, a grid of solar tubing is laid in the foundation before covering it with cement to create the concrete floor, which acts as the thermal mass. When the sun goes down, the pump stops functioning, and the warmed-up thermal mass will keep the dog warm throughout chilly nights.

Apart from keeping the thermal mass warm, the solar heat can also be used to keep the pet’s water source warm. Some are using solar energy to power the fans, cameras, and auto-food dispensers inside the dog houses as well. This means that a dog house solar heater is a worthy investment to make.

More reasons to get a Dog House Solar Heater
  •  Help the world to go green.

Solar energy is renewable, and it doesn’t create any harmful effects on the environment, as many other energy sources do. Getting your household powered by solar energy is the best decision to make if you want to give back to nature. Dog’s are over best for legged companions, so why not get them too to contribute to this good cause.

  • Save money while providing luxury.

Initial investment on a dog house solar heater may seem a little bit high. But it will save a lot of cash in the months to come. After the short payback period, you will enjoy the smaller figures in your utility bills. You will keep the little dog of yours happy without breaking the bank!

So, as a dog parent who wants the best for your dog and at the same time, if you are green-conscious, then installing a dog house solar heater system is the right choice for you. It will keep your dog warm, comfortable, and safe while making it affordable for the owner in the long run. There are many different models available as dog house heaters in the market. Yet, we believe that we gave you the best available option to address your requirement


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