Radiators are a piece of essential equipment to comfort you during the winter season. In the market, there are different types of heaters, including boilers, furnace heaters, Gas-fired heaters, electric heaters, and air heaters. If you focus on saving the energy cost, the solar air convection heater will be the best solution to keep you warm in the coldest climate. Of course, solar heater for house is a wiser solution for those who think about the well-being of the environment. Let us see how beneficial theses heaters are.

Solar heater for house

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The solar heater is a type of air heater that provides a low-cost source of heat. It can save up to $1000 per year of your heating cost. This cost depends on the weather type, size of your home/ room, and the efficiency of the solar heater. It says that solar air heaters are best for heating the room, as it may not be sufficient to heat your entire home. The size of the solar heater can be varied. 32 x18 window heater type of more prevalent within the users, and the cost for the heater is about $400 – $500. Using this, you can heat a small room, which is about 28 sqft. The outside wall-mounted solar heater, which costs about $2700, can heat about 1000 sqft.

How does a solar air heater work
How does a solar air heater work

The most important thing is you do not need to spend much money on the installation process. You can install a solar heater by referring to videos on the internet. There is plenty of amount of videos that describe how to install solar heaters yourself. Besides, you can hire a general contractor and a carpenter to establish a suitable heater suitable for your budget.

Solar heater for house

Solar air heater or solar powered air heaters

Air heaters are the gadgets that use to heat the air. These devices collect air, moderating air, and control temperature by circulating the air. The outdoor panel solar heaters receive the inside air, heat it, and distribute air through a channel. One face of this panel faces the sun, and that allows gathering the heat. These types of solar heaters have two-four inches holes, which would enable in and outflow ducts. There is a small fan to blow the air through panels. 120-volt electricity is sufficient for a regular connection.

Window-mounted air heaters are to the standards of a regular window. It fits the shutter and blocks the sunlight. Therefore, this type of air heater is ideal to heat rooms and smaller spaces. The installation process will take a couple of hours and $60 to $150. You will only need few materials at your local hardware shop, including polycarbonate glazing, framing lumbers, and silicone sealers. However, it will indeed save your monthly electricity bill.

Solar heater for greenhouse

The greenhouse where you grow your crops in a specific place to avoid uncertain pests needs to process in the winter season. It offers you a consistent, controlled environment to grow your plants. In the winter season, the crops may need more heat inside the room. Therefore, with the technology upgrade, the farmers today choose the solar heaters for greenhouses. Sun is the largest natural source, which gives the heat and using solar power; there are several ways to install a solar heater. Photovoltaic solar panels, heat exchanger, hydronic heating (solar hot water heating), and thermal mass are among them. Although there are electric, solar heaters, they are rather inefficient due to the heavy work of producing electricity and then turn it to the heat.

The solar water heater is most popular among all methods and easy to install. Sun heats the water tubes, and further, these tubes get heat from the boiler. Water can then circulate among the greenhouse floor using a pump. When the water is lukewarm, it can again run through the system. However, the installation process may be quite advanced as the pump system should install when building the greenhouse. Therefore, getting assistance from an experienced plumber may reduce the workload for you. Besides, the price may depend on the size of your greenhouse. Same as it works on the solar heater for house, other factors such as the location; weather conditions may affect the efficiency of the solar heater.

Solar heater for greenhouse

Solar-powered air heaters

As described, the solar-powered air heaters are more common within the homeowners nowadays. Due to the low cost and simple installation process, it became more common among them. USA engineers have done more research on this, and according to the estimation of the famous scholars, you can save up t0 $300 annually by using a solar heater.

The homeowners live in long, cold winters and get sufficient sunlight; it is wiser to select a solar heater. These type of solar heaters does not replace electricity, water, or other resources. However, it is a better way to take the best output from natural resources. It will, therefore, reduce your electricity bills and keep your room warm in the coldest climates. Therefore, these types of air heaters will be useful to a small family of consideration. By the way, you can use several numbers of solar power heaters to keep your house warm.

Wrapping up…

We have discussed how important it is to install a solar heater if you have a passion for saving energy and money. Solar heaters collect heat from direct sunlight, and you do not need to pay any cost for that. On the other hand, you help to the energy-saving global concern. However, these solar panels may not allow you to use the air heater at night, although there is a solution. Most of the users use the direct sunlight to charge a battery of your solar panel and then use the heater from AC. Therefore, some engineers and mechanics suggest going to PV (photovoltaic) solar panels than installing solar air heaters.

Solar air heaters do not work in moonlight and dark; there also can be heat leaks. Also, they properly work when you set up the heater near to the room you need to warm. Still, this solar heater for house may be worth due to wall-mounted installation, self-powered and thermostat control. Also, it is easy to install and low-cost sources. Therefore, installing a solar heater for a small family house can be the right choice.

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