Solar Pool Heater
Solar pool heater cost

Are you a pool owner? Are you looking for options to keep your pool water at swimmable temperature to have a nice and relaxing swim? So we have the most cost-effective option for you to keep the pool warm when needed. We know that it is costly to heat up pools to swimmable temperatures. But, if you use a solar pool heater to your pool, then it will be an excellent investment in the long run. The solar pool heater cost is competitive with other heater options like heat pump pool heaters and gas. The operating cost for these heaters is very minimal as well. This renewable energy option is ideal if you want to extend your pool season while saving money on utility bills.

Solar pool heater cost

Before reading further, let us get a basic idea about the solar pool heater cost. Then, let us see how it works and why it is worth its cost. In the USA, solar swimming pool heaters cost around $3,000 to $4,000 to install. These figures are according to the figures given by the USA Department of Energy. The payback period for your investment in a solar pool heater is between 1.5 to 7 years. This varies with your local fuel costs. If you already have an existing pool pump, talk to your solar installer. Sometimes they can hook up the solar system to the same pump. Then, you will not have additional purchases to make. As stated before, solar pool heaters are the most cost-effective way to keep the swimming pools heated when needed.

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To have a clearer idea about the cost payback make sure to,

  • Evaluate the amount of sunlight or energy that the pool site is getting. 
  • Select the correct heater system size.
  • Calculate the efficiency of the solar-powered pool heater
  • Decide the correct orientation for the collector
  • Check up on local covenants, codes, and regulations.
  • Compare the available costs of systems.

How does a pool solar heater mechanism work?

A pool heater solar system includes a solar collector, a filter, a pump, and a flow control value as its main components. The solar collector’s job is to circulate pool water to get them heated by solar energy. There is a filter to remove all the debris and particles before pumping water through the solar collector. The pump pumps water through the filter, then through the collector, and finally back to the pool. The flow control valve is there to manually or arithmetically divert pool water over the solar collector.

Some solar pool heaters have temperature sensors and auto valves comparing the desired temperature and temperature of water emitting from the solar collectors. When it is sunny, and the pool water is cold, then the flow control valve directs the pool water through the collectors to heat them up. At the same way, if the pool water is too hot, the flow valve will not allow any more hot water to enter the pool. Therefore getting a solar heater with those features is really important. Many solar heaters have those features, but make sure to check.

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

Why should you go for a solar heater for your pool?

There are many benefits of getting solar pool heater panels than getting fuel or gas pool heaters. It is the most eco-friendly option available and also the worthiest among the available options. Let us check out the reason in brief, so you know that you are making a very right decision.

High reliability

We have been using solar energy throughout a few past decades, and the reliability of this energy source is very obvious at present. The technology is growing day by day and, so the solar energy applications. Solar heaters have been used over the decades, warming running water for different purposes. They do not have fans and motors which are prone to damage. There are no corroding elements in the systems. So these pool solar heating systems are durable, reliable, and weatherproof.

Low maintenance issues and costs

Though the initial investment in installing a solar water system is quite high, the maintenance cost is extremely low when compared to typical heating systems. These pool heaters do not get rusted, short-circuit, or get blocked. There is no need of spending so much money on repairing and maintaining the solar pool heaters annually. They will not trouble you at all. 

Just enjoy your warm swim.

Saving on utility bills

We have already discussed this fact. In detail, as the sun’s energy is free, you do not need to pay for the running of a heating pump. If you have fuel or gas pool heaters, you continuously need to buy fuel or gas to generate energy. You will feel the difference as you get the utility bills.

Time-saving installation

There is no fuss in installing a solar pool heater system. It will take a few hours for a skilled solar installer to do his job. No need for in-ground plumbing, which will disturb your pool yard landscaping. Pool solar panels get installed on the roof with the correct orientation, and you do not need to wait for long days to enjoy your warm swim.

Enjoy a never-ending pool season without spending much.

You get a pool heater obviously to use your pool year-round. So if you get the solar pool heater fixed, it will warm up the water up to 15 degrees above the outside temperature within a few days. Get a pool cover to trap the heat at night so that you can enjoy a swim throughout the year.

With all these amazing benefits of solar pool heaters, there is no reason to go for any other option, right? Make sure to compare solar pool heater costs before purchasing one. That comparison will help understand the most cost-effective and efficient system with a lesser number of solar panels needed to get your swimming pool heated perfectly. Enjoy your warm late night’s swim!

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