Looking for an environmentally friendly solution for water pumping, a 100% green solution? Then, solar powered water pumps should be your choice. Solar water pumps can transport water from the basic water source to the place you need water. For this, you need no access to any power lines. Solar water pumping systems come in various sizes as well. If you have a small birdbath in your garden landscaping project, a smaller solar-powered water pump is enough. There is bigger solar water pumping systems that can cater to irrigation and farm ranches. There is such a big range of sizes for water pump- solar powered. In this article, we will discuss the benefits, usage, and some important facts related to this efficient mechanism.

Solar Powered Water Pump Mechanism

Water pumps are to exchange, pump or, carry water (or any other similar fluid) from the main water source to another location. We use water pumps in a wide range of applications, from household requirements to agriculture to the energy industry. Physics behind water pumping lies in kinetic energy and positive displacement principle. Among other water pumping mechanics, Solar powered water pump systems are quite new, yet already used in both domestic and commercial projects. Solar pumps are becoming popular, as they can eliminate energy costs and also give simple, environmentally friendly alternatives for water pumping.

The solar pumping system consists of an electric motor, a photovoltaic (PV) array, and a pump. Depending on its motor’s ability, these pumping systems come as either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). Brushless DC (BLDC) concept has also been applied to solar water pumps since recently. The efficiency of this system depends mainly on pressure, input power to the pump, and flow. Wire-to-water efficiency is the metric that calculates the overall efficiency of a solar powered water pump.

Solar Power Water Pump
Solar Power Water Pump (submersible pumps)

Types of Solar power water systems

Stand-alone solar powered water pumping systems come as positive displacement pumps and rotating pumps. Among rotating pumps, the highest demand is for centrifugal solar water pumps. Solar Pumps are also classified as Surface Pumps and Submersible water pumps. This classification is based on the water pump placement, either above the waterline or underwater.

What are the Benefits of a Solar Power Water Pump?

The whole world is moving towards sustainable and eco friendly, or green solutions. In that case, solar power acts as a major energy source having enormous benefits. Water pump; solar power is also such a mechanism that works with solar energy. Let’s see the benefits of these solar pumps in mankind’s daily lifestyle.

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No need for an external power source

This is a huge advantage for communities that rely on agriculture and who face scarcity of water supply. If the main water source is far away from the electricity supply, there is no need to worry about pumping water if you establish a solar power water pump. If the water source is in an environment having plenty of sunlight then, you can use a solar water pump anywhere near that. All you need are solar panels and the sun! No need to spend so much money on getting an electricity line to a typical electric water pump anymore when you have a solar water pump. This is why many agriculture projects in Africa are using the solar powered water pumps in their projects,

Minimum utility bills

As the water pump uses energy from the sun and operates naturally after it is assembled, you will not get huge utility bills anymore. Operating costs for solar pumping systems are not huge. It will cost a bit more when purchasing a system, but it becomes a good investment in the long run.

Easy to move the system from one place to another

Unlike typical water pumps, a solar powered water pump system gives no hassle when moving from one place to another. Let us say that you need to move your water pump system with seasonal changes. Then, Solar powered water systems should be your choice. Relocating the livestock also becomes much easier with this benefit of these water pumps, which are easy to move and relocate.

Installation is easy

You can install a solar water pump system even by yourself by referring to the manual. Installing is not difficult. No need to wait for a water pump expert to come by to get your water pump running.

Easy to maintain

Unlike typical pump power sources, a solar powered water pump can run without any maintenance for a pretty long time. As these systems have no many mechanical components, the need for new part replacements or repairs is minimal. To gain the system’s maximum efficiency, make sure to clean the solar panels once a year. That is not a difficult task to do, right? However, in freezing weather, necessary steps must be taken to protect your solar pump system if you do not need to get it ruined at the end of the season.

Efficient water pumping

Solar-powered water systems are extremely efficient when doing their job if they are installed in proper locations. If you live in an environment with plenty of sunlight most of the year, get a solar water pump. This technology has developed rapidly and drastically since its initial applications. So, you can trust your solar water pumping system to pump water efficiently.

Are there any disadvantages?

The need for a big initial investment is a major barrier to select a solar powered water pump among all the typical water pumps available. However, this depends on the project which you need the solar pumps for. Size, type, and power will change the initial cost. Also, research shows that the investment costs connected with purchasing solar water pumps are decreasing in the past years. 

The other major disadvantage is that solar powered appliances are weather-dependent. When used in agriculture, this comes as a disadvantage sometimes. The system drops to some extent during rainy and cloudy days. This makes solar powered irrigation systems most suitable for regions with a lot of sunlight throughout the day and throughout the year.

The Bottom line

As environmental friendliness and green energy are becoming new normals of the world, solar-powered applications are becoming popular day by day. Though Solar powered water pump systems are a new concept, it has captured the interest of many. There are numerous benefits in using solar powered water pumps in agriculture and many other occasions. These solar water pumps have immense potential to serve the agricultural lands, which have to struggle to get access to water around the world. Also, people who live off the electricity grids will benefit from these applications.

What are the Benefits of a Solar Power Water Pump

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