Have you made up your mind to buy a solar-powered wireless security camera? But you still want to be super sure before investing in this new and green venture, don’t you? You don’t possess a conventional power source to install wired security cameras to guard solar plants in remote areas, railway tracks, parks, parking lots, a site under construction, or for any other purposes? Well, rest assured, you’re at the right place. We’ll share all the possible details a buyer must consider before going for these Wi-Fi security cameras that bank on the power generated through solar rays.

Solar closed-circuit television (CCTV) Wi-Fi cameras are much similar to conventional wired cameras. However, the power source to make it functional is different. Solar security cameras, as the name suggests, totally operate on the Sun’s radiations. These cameras do not require a wired power connection to keep an eagle eye on your desired assets. 

The following are its notable benefits, along with a few demerits. The buyer must consider these factors before opting to go for wireless CCTV cameras. 

What to look for before selecting a solar camera from a wide range of Wi-Fi security cameras?

Currently, there is a wide range of these types of cameras in the market. However, you must contemplate a few points before going to a shop or ordering this tool online.

Firstly, you must consider the usage of these cameras. Where do you want to fit these cameras? Do you want solar security cameras that should focus on one sight or those with a Multi-directional view? You want to purchase a camera with a solar panel for indoor purposes or outdoor video streaming? Do you live in an area with a cloudy and rainy forecast? And types of connectivity, whether Wi-Fi, cellular, 4G, or 5G.

solar wifi camera

Let’s entertain each question separately.

In terms of the view of these solar cameras, there are two types of designs: one with a fixed view and 0-degree rotation, others are relatively rotatable with varying degrees.

Besides, manufacturers design these solar-powered cameras for rough weather conditions, i.e., too cold, too hot, rainy, and cloudy. For this, each brand has different features. Some manufacturing companies design these cameras to operate at as low temperatures as -30 degrees Celsius, or as hotter as 60 degrees Celsius.

In addition to this, there are a few water-proof solar cameras that can operate in rainy conditions without any break.

Moreover, to tackle the issue of cloudy weather conditions, brands of modern-day solar Wi-Fi cameras have added features of long battery timings. The battery power of up to 18000 mAh will provide you uninterrupted video streaming of high quality for 4 up to months. 

In terms of connectivity, these manufacturers provide these devices in two types of connectivity: one is Wi-Fi 284GHZ, whereas, others are 4G and 5G supported. So you should check out your internet source and distance from your router and supposed camera mounting place. Secondly, you should then search for variant manufacturers of solar-powered security cameras. There are many solar cameras, but the top 4, based on customer reviews and experiences, are mostly purchased brands. Following are a few notable brands for Wi-Fi security cameras:

  1. Ring
  2. Reolink
  3. Conico
  4. Koogeek
  5. Ankway
  6. Lynx
  7. Maxsa

Each manufacturing brand offers a variety of features based on the camera’s usage and working conditions. So, having searched different solar cameras, we’re able to compile the list of top 7 security solar cameras that are at their best while working in varying working conditions and with varying uses. Here follows the list:

1. All-new Ring Stick Up Cam Solar HD security camera

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar HD security camera

Users who have experience with this new modelled design of the ‘Ring Manufactures’ are welcoming it with open arms. Its high definition 1080-pixel camera helps you record each picture and each moment of your home with absolute clarity. It’s a two-way talk camera, so you can ask your visitors what you want to ask at your door. Moreover, it is easy to install, and you won’t need to hire a technician for it. The device has 2614 reviews with 4.7/5 overall ratings. It indicates the credibility of this model of solar cameras.


  • High definition camera
  • Two-way talk
  • Notifications of all types, i.e., low battery, security
  • It also works with virtual assistant AI technology, Alexa, to communicate your solar camera with your voice.
  • A user can easily install it and get it going.
  • You can set its settings so that it enhances security for your home.


  • The app does not have a rotating option, so you better install it in an upright position and not hang it from the ceiling. 
  • Some users had a little bit issue with Wi-Fi connectively using this device. However, you can address this issue by utilizing solar powered cameras that support cellular network connectivity.
  • This camera will have a fixed view directed at one sight.

2. Ring Stick Up Cam Solar 2-Pack with Echo Dot (Charcoal)

Ring Stick Up Cam Solar power camera

If you love the first listed camera and it suits your needs, you better order two pieces at a time to save $23.02.

It’d have the same features with a 6% savings. Add 1 or 2 solar panels or update your Wi-Fi router; you may spend the saved money on any other devices you may wish to purchase.

3. REOLINK Outdoor Security Camera System Wireless, Solar Battery Powered

REOLINK Outdoor Security Camera System Wireless, Solar Battery Powered

With over 2460 reviews and overall ratings of 4.2, Relonik’s solar device is our second pick. A wireless camera manufactured by Reolink is best known for its 7-day storage capacity, 2-way audio, works with Alexa, and fast and accurate motion alert. It possesses a 2-year warranty that makes it a risk-free purchase. Moreover, it contains a CMOS sensor and night vision up to 33 feet. These features make this device clear and sharp even at night.


  • Google AI assistance supported (Alexa)
  • 7-day storage capacity enables you to save and capture images and videos without worrying about storage runout.
  • High quality 1080-pixel camera
  • Easy to set-up with 10-15 minutes of installation time.


  • Supports motion alert only, no sound alerts
  • As per user experiences, you’ll have to replace its battery after 30 days as it becomes weak and needs a replacement.  

4. Conico Outdoor Security Wireless Solar Powered Home IP Camera

Conico Outdoor Security Wireless Solar Powered Home IP Camera

This solar camera is well known for its powerful 1500 mAh rechargeable battery that enables the camera to run for hours.

Built by the Conico brand, the solar camera possesses features like PIR motion detection, IR night vision with 1080 pixels high definition camera. These features compel you to have a try on this design of Wi-Fi cameras. 


  • The 2-way audio live streaming feature
  • 50 feet extended night vision
  • Extended storage capacity with SD card (up to 128 GB) support that enables you to save images and videos without irritating notification ‘storage running out’  


  • It only supports a 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi network and does not support a 5G network.  

5. Koogeek Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, WiFi 1080P Solar Security Camera

Koogeek Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, WiFi 1080P Solar Security Camera

Manufactured by the Koogeek brand, the camera is renowned for its enhanced capacity of connectivity. It contains 3 antennas and a waterproof design. These qualities make this device a standout amongst other solar-powered security cameras.


  • A powerful 10400 mAh battery enables the camera to utilize battery power for 4 months without solar support! Wow!
  • Easily installed camera
  • Designed to keep on working even in rough conditions. IP67 waterproof camera can perform seamlessly at a temperature ranging from -25*C to 60*C
  • Supports external SD card up to 64G as well


  • Since it is used outdoors, you better mount it higher to avoid stealing
  • Micro SD card range is 64G and doesn’t support above that

6. YESKAMO solar powered security camera

YESKAMO Solar Security Camera Wireless - Outdoor Rechargeable Battery WiFi Camera

If you’re still confused and unable to decide, have a look at this solar camera designed and manufactured by YESKAMO.

A relatively low priced solar powered CCTV camera compared to other listed cameras might serve your needs properly.

This solar camera contains both audio and video alerts. A 10400 mAh battery can provide you 4 month-long camera coverage. It only needs 4 days of proper sunlight to charge the camera’s battery fully. Besides, it is waterproof IP65 certified.


  • Built-in 4Pcs Panasonic 18650 Rechargeable lithium batteries with 10400mAh large capacity: a perfect device for cloudy conditions
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi with Dual Antennas: a perfect combo to ensure smooth connectivity
  • 65ft night vision with 1080 pixels
  • Easy to set up anywhere with 10-15 minutes set up time and with a user-friendly app 


  • 5-G Wi-Fi not supported

7. Ankway Solar Wireless Security Camera Outdoor

Ankway Solar Wireless Security Camera Outdoor

Finally, Ankway’s design has enhanced more battery power to the solar-powered camera, i.e., 18000mAh. It contains both video and audio alert types. 4 light LEDS and 2 infrared LEDs enable this peace of solar cameras to capture clear images even at night.

Moreover, this Wi-Fi camera possesses a unique feature. It can be rotated in any direction, i.e., until 365*. Pros and cons are compiled as under:


  • Contains built-in mic and speaker: these built-in tools help you connect with your family members, parcel deliverers, pets, or your guests.
  • Colourful night vision due to light LEDs
  • Long battery timing
  • Two-way audio input feature


  • Contains digital zoom and not optical zoom (mostly used in high-quality cameras): this defect can result in blurred images when captured with zooming.
  • No Wi-Fi enhanced external antennas, so it might not prove to be a good device if you keep the router at a greater distance from the camera. 

Advantages of solar-powered security cameras

  • Lower installation cost: These modern cameras do not require an expensive video extension cable.
  • Variety of choices to install these devices: These cameras are flexible to be installed at any spot.
  • An added feature of Wi-Fi: It allows users to connect CCTV cameras to fast internet connections. This added factor will allow you to enjoy the high definition videos seamlessly.
  • Reliable in power-scarce areas: This gadget is a go-to device in regions with power-cuts or having no energy supply.
  • Environmental friendly: This tool utilizes renewable solar energy and is thoroughly hazard-free.

Disadvantages of solar CCTV cameras:

  • Solar-dependant device: Since solar cameras generate power from the Sunlight; therefore, cloudy conditions might affect their performances.

Concluding thought:

Choosing a solar-powered security camera can sometimes prove to be a hard task. Above mentioned points are different factors that you must cross-check before giving a shot on these devices.

We being moderators, provide you these suggestions so a buyer must know both sides of a coin before taking his/her final decision. We hope we have conveyed all the possible details regarding these wireless solar security cameras. You may also read the reviews and ratings about the above mentioned top 7 Wi-Fi security cameras by clicking the above-given links yourself.

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