Have you made up your mind to buy a power inverter? However, you are still unsure about the one that fits your needs. Well, do not be confused because we have got the article for you in this regard.    

What is a power inverter?

Converting Direct Current (DC) from a battery, solar panel, or any other source to Alternating Current (AC) that we use in our daily life is the primary function of a power inverter.   

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How to Choose the Best Quality Power Inverter?

Selecting a power inverter can sometimes be a tricky task with so much power products already on the market. Various companies are currently manufacturing these inverts. However, one should keep the following factors in mind before hands at any inverter produced by a specific brand:

1) Type of power inverter: Pure Sine wave power inverter VS Modified sine wave power inverter:

First, you must identify the type of sine wave utilized by the power inverter you have decided to buy. There are two types, as by now you would have known, but what differentiates one from the other? We are discussing it as under: 

A pure sine wave inverter, as the name suggests, uses a pure sinusoidal wave for voltage rise and fall. However, the modified sine wave inverter has a fluctuating voltage in a non-rhythmic and non-sinusoidal way. That is why the device uses a modified sine wave.

A pure sine wave power inverter is more powerful and higher in price than the other type. It may cost you a few bucks more, but it would surely be heavier in power production and reliability. On the contrary, the modified sine wave inverters are at their best performance only for appliances that consume lesser power energy and have no threat to voltage fluctuation.     

2) Power capacity:

Secondly, evaluating your power needs is a prerequisite before buying a power inverter. You need to check out how much power consumption is in your home, office, or any other place for which you are opting to go for inverters. It ranges from as low as 500 watts to as high as 5000 watts or even more.

3) Power Inverter Manufacturing Brand:

And finally, the power inverter manufacturing company is the third factor before opting to go for any DC to AC converter. Gone are the times when there were only a few brands that were manufacturing power inverters. Nowadays, people are more inclined toward solar energy and other green energy sources. Therefore, demands for these inverters have increased many-fold.

There many power inverter producing companies, and each has a different type of quality. However, to assess you in this regard and make you chose the brand without any problem. We have mentioned a few top-quality inverter companies. These might be different in different countries, as each country has its Best on user reviews the notable five companies that are producing quality inverters are:

We have dedicated this article to review top-quality power inverters produced by Go Power! So, let us see some of its notable DC to AC converters. 

The inverters made by Go Power are highly reliable and customer-friendly to operate. This brand offers a wide variety of inverters, ranging from the 200-watt inverter to as high as 3000-watt. Let us do a SWAT analysis of some of the well-known inverters produced by Go and provide you suggestions regarding each power product. The notable power inverters produced by the Go Power are:

1. Go Power! GP-IC2000-12-PKG Pure Sine Wave Inverter

go power 2000 watt inverter
go power 2000 watt inverter

The first go power 2000 watt inverter of this list is a machine with three functions that are: a) to perform the functions of an inverter, b) to charge the batteries and work as a battery charger, and c) to transfer the energy and work as a transfer switch. This feature of 3 in 1 will save you some money that can be spent on inverter switches and battery chargers separately.


  • It offers the facility of temperature sensors to ensure proper charging of the batteries connected with it. The sensor would avoid over-heating of the batteries due to voltage fluctuations.
  • It contains a 50ft wired remote controller display to set the settings of your inverter. This feature will enable you to see battery charging status and temperature. It is user-friendly and easy to operate.
  • It has the transfer switch facility: it contains two automatic transfer switches (50A each)
  • It contains a 3-year warranty in case the inverter suddenly stops to perform its duties.
  • Easy to install and occupies lesser space.


  • The inverter does not contain remote or wireless system connectivity to see and control inverter settings

2. Go Power! GP-ISW1500-12 Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverter – 1500 Watt / 12V

Go Power! GP-ISW1500-12

Another variety of Go Power in power inverters that works as a pure sine wave inverter. However, its power capacity is 1500 watts. You can use this machine for medium-sized electronics that are unfriendly to fluctuated voltages such as LCD & LED TVs, computers, laptops, etc.


  • It contains a low battery alarm and low battery shutdown feature to avoid damage to the inverter and other appliances. This feature keeps it protected from overload, under-voltage, and overvoltage.   
  • It contains a temperature & load controller cooler in the form of a fan to avoid over-heating.
  • It has 2 Plugin switches to connect your electronic devices.
  • It contains a 2-year warranty in case the machine catches any debugs.


  • Excessive heat (over 45°C) may affect its performance as a few users from hot areas had issues with this product.

3. Go Power! GP-SW3000-12 3000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Go Power! GP-SW3000

The jumbo power inverter with a power capacity of 3000 watts is on the third spot in our list of the top 7 Go Power inverts. It is the best choice for you if your power load does not allow you to go for the first two inverters.


  • It is a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protected feature of this inverter that will cut off the power source in case of any short circuit within a span of 1/40th fraction of a second.
  • Like other Go Power inverters, it also has protection from overload, under-voltage, and overvoltage.
  • 2-year warranty if the machine shows any fault.


  • A bit complicated to install, you might need the technician for that cause.
  • It requires cleaning maintenance, and its performance reduces if not cleaned properly.
  • Cooling fans can sometimes become noisy when electronics of heavy load run over the inverter.

4. Go Power! GP-ISW3000-12 Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverter

go power inverter 3000
go power inverter 3000

This industrial pure sine wave inverter is another addition to the Go Power inverter 3000-watt inverters. It is designed for high power electronics and would suit you the best way—if you are looking for a power inverter for a boat, a truck, or even to lighten up your home.

This power inverter can work as a replica of the AC voltage, and it can run any electronic within its range. You can utilize this machine for a range of purposes: to run your computer, LED TVs, fans, or even refrigerator, if in the wattage range of this inverter.


  • Flexible to use for multiple purposes
  • It can prove to be the ultimate choice for higher power loads
  • Easy to install; no need to hire a technician for this purpose
  • Easy to use
  • Voltage drop, voltage rise, and overload protection
  • 2-year inverter warranty


  • Automatic cooling system fans can be noisy, as one of the buyers termed its fan sound as the sound of a jet that is ready to fly.

5. Go Power! 3000-watts Heavy Duty Modified Sine Wave Inverter

go power 3000 watt inverter

As the low price tag suggests, it is a modified sine wave inverter. This version of Go Power inverters can be the best match for you if you need an inverter for appliances that are not sensitive to voltage fluctuations.


  • Contains low voltage, high voltage, and low battery safety
  • Four plugin AC outlets to connect your electronic accessories
  • 1-year warranty
  • Low battery, under-voltage, and overvoltage alarms to keep you aware of the system problems.
  • It has a lower price tag compared to other power inverters.


  • It can cause your electronic accessories to behave irregularly since modified sine wave power inverters do not possess power supply regulators.

6. Go Power! GP-SW300-12 300-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

go power 300 watt pure sine wave inverter
go power 300 watt pure sine wave inverter

A small-sized pure sine inverter of the Go Power is a reliable device for TVs, Mobile phone and laptop charging, or any other electronic device under its wattage limit. Its power limit is only 300 watts, so you should be precise in terms of its usage.


  • It contains a 2-year warranty: if you do not feel it up to the mark, you can replace it.
  • It has two plugin outlets.
  • It has overvoltage, under-voltage, and overload protection
  • It contains power-save mode: This feature will help for a longer running time if you do not apply any load on it.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry.


  • 12-volt power input connectors are Anderson SB Powerpole connectors only and not a battery source.

7. Go Power! GP-SW1500-12 1500-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

go power inverter 1500 watt

go power inverter 1500 watt

And lastly, the 1500-watt pure sine wave power inverter. It is a medium-sized power inverter, produced by Go Power, that will be of great benefit to your electronic machines. It is user friendly and easy to install.


  • It contains two power inlets.
  • It has a 2-year inverter warranty.
  • It is medium-sized and of money.
  • It contains under-voltage, over-voltage, and overload auto shutdown. Has alarm system as well to let know when something goes wrong.


  • A noisy cooling fan can sometimes be the issue

Final Thought:

Choosing the right power inverter that produces the best results is the demand of many of us. However, to do that, you must keep the above factors in mind. To assist you in this regard, we went through the specification of each of the power inverters and found the above seven manufactured by Go Power as the best.

However, if you still could not find the DC to AC converting device, you should check out our other blog titled: The Best Pure Sine Wave Power Inverters. You may meet your desired inverter after going through this blog. And if the mentioned inverters are not available for your country, you may hunt those that are available by yourself, as you know the prime factors now, and you can easily select one inverter for your use.

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